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Love how you look

Present yourself to the world with confidence and pride

You have author photos, but

  • They’re out of date
  • The lighting is poor, the background distracting
  • You look posed and stiff, too formal or too informal
  • You struggle to find the best images to represent you in print and online
  • Your photos don’t really capture who you are

Imagine how you would feel if you had

  • A professional portrait you could present to the world with confidence and pride!
  • A headshot that would help you feel – and be – seen and remembered

"The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed."

Anne Geddes

Want to catch the eye and pique the curiosity of readers?

Grace the back cover of your book with an artistic, eye-catching image on the outside that will entice readers to pick it up, eager to see what’s on the inside.

Let me help you put your best face forward


Hello, I'm Marion,

a photographer based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in author headshots.

I’m interested in many things – reading, travelling, sports, the outdoors, lifelong learning, politics, psychology, music, the environment, art and, especially, photography. 

For many years I worked in other fields – international development, elementary and adult education and publishing – but a camera was never far from my side.  I have always loved art and I decided - finally! - to follow my passion and set up my own photography business. 

After pursuing various types of photography – concert, portrait, event, and personal brand photography – I decided in 2019 to specialize in headshot photography for authors in Toronto, Canada.  

As a headshot photographer, I help authors stand out in the increasingly crowded and competitive world of print advertising and online media. 

I work to provide you with headshot images that capture the attention, imagination and hearts of your target readers.

Through photography, I contribute visual creativity and style to complement your literary style. I help you be seen and remembered.

And by taking a knockout headshot of you, I help you present yourself to the world with confidence and pride.
This is right for you if you’d love to …
  • Work with a friendly, skilled, dedicated and affordable photographer who can tell you how best to prepare for shoot day and guide you sensitively through a fun and productive photo session
  • Be able to choose your favourite photo – or photos – from a collection of authentic, natural and flattering images that capture the life and spirit of you and show you at your very best
  • Feel excited and confident about the image you are presenting to the world and ready to make a lasting, professional impression
  • Enjoy an artistic portrait of yourself that will strengthen your brand, enhance your visibility, and may well become a family treasure

Visit my Portfolio page to see samples of my work and get a feel for what I can do for YOU. You will be GLAD you did!


Ayesha Chatterjee


"Oh, my goodness, Marion! I like so many of these, I’m having a really hard time whittling them down.

I absolutely LOVE the one of me in the studio in the chair with me looking down and I definitely would like to have that image. It’s my hands-down favourite. I know I can’t use it as a headshot, but I think it’s just lovely as a portrait. I can actually step back and look at it as a piece of art. It has a lot of texture to it, almost like a painting.

I’m usually a little apprehensive about looking at photos of myself - I don’t really like how I look, so I actually avoid having my photo taken in ordinary situations - but I really, really like the images you sent me."

(Excerpt from this client’s first email to the photographer after receiving her collection of proofs.)
Find Ayesha here:

Dale S.


"I liked how comfortable Marion made me feel right away. Her constant encouragement to try different things really relaxed me.

Walking me through the process and sharing some images as we went allowed us to pivot and focus on shots that had the best results.

I loved seeing the variety of photos and it was hard to select the ones I liked the absolute best. In fact, I still haven’t narrowed it down to the 3 I like best."

(Excerpt from client email, 3 weeks after receiving his collection of proofs.)


Giving Back

You get more than just a great picture. 10% of our profits are donated directly to climate change initiatives.
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I’d be honoured to create a headshot worthy of your writing talents and your dreams!

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