Twitter for Writers

As I work to expand my headshot photography business, I’m looking for ways to connect and build relationships with authors and writers in Toronto. A while ago, I decided to explore Twitter. 

First, I googled “Twitter for photographers” and squirreled away a few links of interest for future reference. Then, I decided to try “twitter for writers,” since authors are my target audience. I came across an article by author Willie Handler (a guest blog post for titled ‘Twitter for Writers 101.’ While not geared to photographers specifically, it still piqued my interest.

Granted, I’m a newbie to Twitter – a total newbie. If you are not, then the content of this article may be irrelevant to you. But if you aren’t yet well acquainted with this platform, then I invite you to think about the following questions:

  • How could you, as a writer, benefit from using Twitter? (Think networking, writer development and self-promotion.)
  • What actions or options are available on this social media platform and how is it different from, let’s say, Facebook?
  • What exactly can you post – or, rather, ‘tweet’ – on Twitter: text, images, links, …?
  • What might you want to talk or ‘tweet’ about and why? (The options are limitless, but there is also method in madness.)
  • How exactly can you connect with other writers? (Twitter provides a number of interesting ways.)
  • Let’s say you decide to ‘follow’ someone on Twitter (akin to ‘friending’ someone on FB): how do you decide whom to follow and whom not to follow?
  • Are there Twitter-related best practices that can enhance your ‘return’ on this platform? (The author believes there are.)
  • And finally, can time on Twitter contribute in some way to your writing skills? Your marketing? Your life as a writer? (Hint: If guest blogger Willie Handler didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be sharing this today.)

If you’re intrigued by any of the questions above, you might enjoy the article “Twitter for Writers 101” by author and guest blogger, Willie Handler. 

A short read, it can be found at the following URL:

Happy reading and learning – and, perhaps, eventually, tweeting!

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